PASSION – Treatment Oil 30ml

PASSION – Treatment Oil 30ml


Rehydrate & Renew
A luxurious treatment oil to re-hydrate and renew the skin.

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PASSION is a rich, luxurious cocktail of precious essential oils that will help rehydrate and renew the appearance of very dry skin overnight while you sleep.

A deliciously sensuous, quickly absorbed, anti-ageing Facial Treatment Oil, it has a powerful botanical Youth Complex that gives the skin a huge surge of deeply hydrating moisture and nourishment, helping to restore the skins natural youthful glow and leaving it silky soft and smooth.

A brilliant alternative to a night cream for the face and neck, it is ideal for very dry, mature or more delicate skin.

It can also be used as a heavenly massage oil for dry skin anywhere on the body; face, neck, hands, feet, elbows.


  • Suitable for very dry skin

  • Massage a thin layer into the face, neck or body at night

  • Allow to absorb fully overnight

  • Apply to dry cool skin

  • Avoid contact with eyes. Paraben Free

  • For maximum benefits to the face and neck, use as a Facial Treatment Oil at night with EYE LIFT and UTOPIA